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I want to lick a girls ass

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I had never let anyone near the exit before I mean come on…not manly. This post was last modified: I mean, you don't just lick the ass of a girl that is just a fling. Milf teaching couple. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

She went nuts for it. I want to lick a girls ass. Not too mention giving a good thorough ass licking is a lot more fun for me than just lubing a woman up once they have some experience taking it up the bum.

I wanna do that to you im a female od love to smell your butt. I enjoy the taste of a nice clean pussy,and I now have worked my way up to her ass.

I often let my 8 year old brother see me spread my butt open and his little dick gets hard, the other night he was walking down the hallway and my door was open a little and then he saw me and I told him to come in. I love to leave my butt smelly I'm not talking about shit smell shit is nasty, but the smell of butt turns me on. I've heard of this before and it never fails to make me feel sick.

Long, sexy strokes down his back, over his lovely shoulders, up and down his tense neck, all the way down his spine, and then onto his ass cheeks. Joking or not, asking for pictures, hitting on people, etc, are not welcome here. Now shit just got real, some people like that taste of funk in their mouths afterwards, it's like after you've been suckin' on titties to the point where you get that weird taste in your mouth.

I mean really, what more could one ask for? My husband does this to me regularly. Haley cope naked. For me, the co-trust and openness about it all is what does it. Once you've mastered sliding into DMs, going through a series of the worst one night stands, and routinely hooking up with a cheater, you land one and question "am I in love?

Never thought I would either I'm female and yet I finally had opportunity I wanted to and surprisingly it was very sensual for me as well as my partner! By god, have some standards and only rim hot bitches.

Once I realized it was her anus, I thought "Oops. We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. If there has, it could be due to influence from porn.

Fast forward a few months and I'm asking if we can just do normal PIV sex sometimes. The following 4 users Like Dr. The following 14 users Like Tengen's post: I didn't like it. I have licked girls behinds over times and it is amazing every single time I do it. Take her to a bed.

Definitely just depends on the girl I do it because nothing excites me more than having my girlfriend orgasm.

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The following 58 users Like Dusty's post: Anal sex should be between two people who trust each other.

Sheesh, didnt you guys get the memo? Was eating her out from behind and then just decided to lick a bit higher. Tits and dogs. My boyfriend got totally hammered and when I took him upstairs to go to sleep he got all kinds of horny and we ended up having sex. I want to lick a girls ass. I don't know if it's normal, but if you wanna do it just do it.

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Any activity that is shared and enjoyed between two consenting adults is completely okay no matter how it may be viewed outside your bedroom. Then proceed, as we used to say in the US Navy, full speed ahead. Pick the lucky girl. I love "tossing salad"! Why arent you disgusted by this? Sep 9, 7. Threaded Mode Linear Mode Eating booty: Now it's a regular part of our sex life.

This includes sexist and rape jokes. I never licked the asses of former partners, only my wifes. Anal is amazing between two partners that trust each other, and honestly when they experience the pleasures it can give for the first time is a very special experience. Xxx office milf. I have never had it done to me, and I cant say that I would willingly do it. The following 2 users Like jariel's post: Chronically smelly saliva usually has a cause seriously! You might find it weird but if you keep your body clean the anus can be a very pleasurable location.

It's a very sensitive area that does not get that kind of stimulation normally and so it feels good. The following 1 user Likes frogmallet's post: Welp I'm definitely a scumbag then - I put my tongue somewhat in her pooper. CrimsonToastJul 10, I have had one girlfriend maybe didn't know how to wipe properly I guess.

The sphincter is quite good at what it does. Thank you for all the great answers.


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